1880 Federal Population Census Schedule

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On June 1, 1880, the 1880 census taking began. Unlike previous censuses, which took several months, it was to be completed within thirty days.

The census asked similar questions to those asked in previous censuses, including name, sex, age, marital status, occupation and birthplaces of both the person in question and their parents.

Illnesses and physical and mental disabilities were also listed in the census.

Unique Features of the 1880 Census

Urban households were recorded in a more accurate way in the 1880 census. Both the street numbers and the house numbers were recorded. There were also some special Native American schedules that were taken during the 1880 census. However, in general, “Indians not taxed” were still not recorded.

Historical Considerations of the 1880 Census

US 1880 Census of Clark County, IN

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Recognition of Women – The 1880 census was the first United States census that allowed women to work as enumerators.  It was also the first census to collect the relationship of household members to the head of the household.  This simple addition of “wife” or “daughter” beside a person’s name provides valuable insight about the relationships within the families, and could help to identify unmarried daughters. It may me even list mothers-in-law, cousins and other extended family members.

States Covered in the 1880 Census

1880 Census Resources

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