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If you are going to search for Oregon cemetery records yourself, you are probably already aware of how useful these can be for genealogy and family tree projects. There are, however, some things to consider as you get started. For one thing, it is important to try to narrow down the county the burial plot may be in so you have better results with your Oregon cemetery records search. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

In addition, it is important to try to find out details such as whether or not the cemetery is still in operation. This can make a huge impact on how easy or difficult your task will be. It does not mean it will be impossible to find Oregon cemetery records if the cemetery is no longer in operation, but you should be prepared to have to invest a little more work.

What Else Is There?

How difficult it is to track down Oregon cemetery records can depend on how old the records are, for one thing. Records that are more recent are often easier to find. However, looking for older vital records of any kind for people from our past can be tricky. Oregon cemetery records can help you find data about someone you may never have been able to locate any other way. While you may not realize it, if you have not used Oregon cemetery records before, there is plenty of data to be found.

For instance, you can get a person’s full name and even maiden name in many instances. Where the person was born can be another valuable source of information. Many people are born in one place and then buried in another. If, however, you cannot find Oregon cemetery records for someone, you may need to back track and find out where they were born. Some people choose to be buried where there true original hometown was.

The important thing is not to get frustrated. It may seem that your searches are not producing the exact results you want. With a little patience and some hard work, you can eventually find the details you need. Oregon cemetery records may be just the right tool to use to get you that data too.

Research In Oregon Cemetery Records

The Oregon Cemetery Survey offers a lot of information about the locations of cemeteries in Oregon. In fact, it contains every known cemetery in the state’s location as they relate to modern highways.

The Internet is an excellent resource for transcriptions from Oregon cemeteries. In fact, www.oregoncemeteries.org, which is the Oregon Historic Cemetery Association’s website, provides quite a bit of cemetery information.

Historical and genealogical societies across the state have many graveyard indexes on file. Some of them have also been published. The Oregon State Library has some microfilmed copies of those records as well.

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