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While some vital records are off limits to the public, North Carolina cemetery records are a great way to get data. Depending on where you are looking, some states do not grant access to birth records or even death records. You can however use things such as North Carolina cemetery records and still be able to retrieve a great deal of data. This can be crucial to your genealogy records. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

What can you find with North Carolina cemetery records?

You can find invaluable data such as:

  • the deceased’s full legal name including a married woman’s maiden name
  • the date of birth
  • the original location of the person’s birth if not the same state
  • the names of other family members
  • the date of the death, obviously

For some people, going to the actual cemetery is the best way to obtain North Carolina cemetery records because they can also see the surrounding plots. There could very well be other family members and additional data you can only get in person, if you see the burial plots. For most people, however, getting the North Carolina cemetery records in some other way is the easiest route to take.

Things to Consider

Getting North Carolina cemetery records is not usually that complicated, but many people do like to try to hire someone else to find the data themselves. You can usually find North Carolina cemetery records on your own, but most of the times these are not free. There is usually some sort of fee,, and this can depend on how far back or how difficult your records are to retrieve. It is, of course, much easier if you at least know the county the person may be buried in.

This can get confusing because you may not know where the person is buried. North Carolina cemetery records could be affected by where the person actually went to church, not where their physical address was. In addition, keep in mind people who were born in another state may be returned there for burial and looking through North Carolina cemetery records would not provide any results.

Research In North Carolina Cemetery Records

Many gravestone inscriptions from before 1914 in North Carolina have been indexed. That index is available to researchers in the North Carolina State Archives Search Room. A copy of the index on microfilm can also be accessed at the FHL. Both locations also have large collections of county cemetery records on file.

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