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There is a project underway in Utah called the Utah Cemetery Project. It is meant as a means of recording certain information about each cemetery in the state. That information includes: Cemetery Name, Ownership, Number of Burials, Age of Cemetery, Location of Cemetery.

To date, the project has inventoried more than 286 cemeteries across the state. Thousands of people who are buried in cemeteries throughout the state are listed in an online database. The Utah State Archives and the FHL each contain helpful cemetery records and resources, but they are incomplete. The “Cemetery Records at the Utah State Archives” is available to researchers online. As for the FHL records, they can be searched according to county and then town within that county. The FHL also has a listing by Jaussi and Chaston of cemetery sexton and funeral home records on file.

Presently the Utah cemetery records system is in the process of being worked on. As with many states, trying to preserve the Utah cemetery records is a continuous project but one that is important to preserving history. While using these Utah cemetery records can be very useful for working on genealogy projects, they are also crucial to maintaining the rich history of a state. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Creating a database for Utah cemetery records is important but can take a great deal of time. If you are planning on using only an online search to track down the records you want, then you should be aware of the fact that this can bring you the best results or make it more complicated. As people work to update the systems to be current, there is still much to be done. Not to mention these Utah cemetery records are often times as useful for genealogy charts as other types of vital records if not more so.

How It Works

You can use Utah cemetery records on your own to find what you need. However, there may be times when you run into issues that can cause problems. Trying to conduct the search online is the easiest approach but may not always provide you with the results you wanted. Of course, sometimes it is as simple as having a name spelled wrong or not having the right county. Utah cemetery records can be helpful but only if you have the data correct to use.

When you look for Utah cemetery records, keep in mind that having the county is one of the more important details you need for success. You can try doing a statewide search or using national cemeteries for your Utah cemetery records, but otherwise it comes down to having the right county.

Keep in mind the county a person lived in may not be the county they were laid out for their final resting place. In fact, some people are returned to their original hometown in another state for their burial. Utah cemetery records can still be an extremely useful tool to use for your genealogy and family tree work.

Research In Utah Cemetery Records

The Utah Cemetery Project attempted to survey all cemeteries in the State of Utah, recording name, location, and ownership information as well as the age of the cemetery and number of burials. Over 286 cemeteries have been inventoried. A computer database contains the names and burial locations of thousands buried in Utah’s cemeteries. An online database is available to researchers at <>. Good, although by no means complete, sources for cemetery records can be found at the FHL and the Utah State Archives.

In the FHL catalog check: Utah/

[County]/[Town]/Cemetery listings first, then individual counties. The Utah State Archives has created an online research guide, “Cemetery Records at the Utah State Archives” <>. Jaussi and Chaston also list a number of sources for death records from funeral homes and cemetery sexton’s records in the FHL.

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