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Unlike other types of vital records that may be off limits, South Carolina cemetery records can usually be accessed by anyone looking for this kind of data. Contrary to what many people believe, you can actually often times find a great deal of information from South Carolina cemetery records too. When you need information and data for your genealogy project and need it from people who are no longer here to share their story, you can rely on South Carolina cemetery records to make this happen. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

While everyone realizes you can find out when a person died from South Carolina cemetery records, there is actually much more to it than that. For instance, you can get the full legal name and maiden name of the deceased. You can also get information about when and where they were born. South Carolina cemetery records may even clue you in to the names of other family members or at least a spouse if there was one.

Getting It Done

One thing to keep in mind is that it is important to try to have the county name if possible when it comes to South Carolina cemetery records searches. Aside from that, there are a few ways you can consider getting your South Carolina cemetery records search completed.

  • Hiring someone else to track these down
  • Looking online through databases
  • Going in person to certain cemeteries because the records may not be up to date
  • Checking with county offices
  • Using the library to search databases, old newspapers and microfilm

In other words, the good news is that there are many methods you can use to try to get your South Carolina cemetery records search completed.

Where many people go wrong though is forgetting that a person may not be buried in the county where they lived. A person may be found using a South Carolina cemetery records search but in the county where they went to church. In many cases, a person will actually be brought back to the state and county they were from originally for their final resting place. Keep this in mind when you conduct your own South Carolina cemetery records search.

Research In South Carolina Cemetery Records

Many of the inscriptions from tombstones across South Carolina have been recorded, either by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). There are also genealogical and historical societies across the state, many of which have compiled their own lists of cemetery records and inscriptions. In addition to that, many South Carolina genealogical periodicals often feature cemetery records.

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