It is a good idea to to familiarize yourself with just about any repository in Oregon which you might check out by contacting to the proper archive or library before you proceed.

The majority of, if not all, Oregon repositories contain printed resources that present its collections and research policy.

Oregon archives and historical associations also provide Online websites that offer identical resources. Some actually include down loadable databases for some or parts within their collections.

Oregon Archives

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Oregon Periodicals

Genealogical publications provide you with plenty of sources of information, they usually are ignored by genealogy researchers and genealogist in seeking for family history. The majority of regional and county genealogical and/or historical societies produce periodicals that may contain records associated with the region or surrounding area they support. Sometimes these publications carry articles concerning records which are not obtainable elsewhere.

The periodical collections at the Oregon State Library and at the Oregon Historical Society include publications of local and county historical societies in Oregon.

  • Oregon Historical Quarterly, published by the Oregon Historical Society with an online index on the society’s website
  • The Bulletin, published by the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Inc
  • The Oregon Genealogical Society Quarterly, published by the Oregon Genealogical Society.
  • Miscellaneous pages from the Oregon Genealogical Society newsletter  (

Oregon Historical & Genealogical Societies

For nearly virtually every Oregon there is a Oregon genealogical society, a Oregon genealogical council, or both. Together with their own work, Oregon-level groups from time to time help synchronize the efforts of local societies from the Oregon. Their specific publications, newsletters and quarterlies, supplement those published by way of the local societies.

Regional and State

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Oregon Newspapers & Publications

Oregon Genealogical publications (magazines, newsletters, periodicals, books, etc.) contain all sorts of useful information and facts about specific ancestors, whole lineages and families, places in time, and concerning all sorts of genealogical records and repositories. They enable you to uncover a variety of details about your ancestors from many historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These types of sources can frequently bolster public records and provide facts that is not recorded someplace else. Here, you can study more pertaining to your ancestor’s possible daily activities by setting them in the context of their time.

The University of Oregon’s Knight Library has the biggest collection of Oregon newspapers on microfilm and there is an online index to that collection available. The Oregon Historical Society is home to the second biggest collection.


Newspapers – Oregon newspapers can furnish all kinds of evidence about historical occasions, local history, court and legal notices, obituaries, and considerably more.