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Maine Archives, Historical & Genealogical Societies

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It is a good idea to familiarize oneself with just about any repository in Maine that you simply might drop by by getting in contact with to the relevant archive or library before you go.

Most, if not all, Maine repositories have printed materials that present its collections and research policy.

Maine archives and historical institutions also have Online websites that offer the same related information. Quite a few even possess down-loadable databases for some or parts within their collections.

List of Maine Archives

List of Maine Archives



List of Maine Libraries & Museums

List of Maine Library & Museum
  • Davistown Museum, The, P.O. Box 144 , Hulls Cove, ME 04644; (207) 288-5126
  • Maine State Library, State House Station 64, Augusta, ME 04333
    Located at the Maine Cultural Center, both have been granted additional support for extending and organizing their already diverse collections. Maine State Archives is the only central location in the state for vital records before 1892 and is the permanent “repository” for state documents. In addition it holds all census records, adjutant general’s records, court records, Maine land office records, county marriage returns, and the updated microfilm collection of extant Maine town records.
    The east wing of the building houses the Maine State Library with the largest collection of town histories and family genealogies in the state, microfilm holdings of newspapers, town reports after 1902, and the two collections of cemetery indexes.
  • Maine Historical Society Library, 485 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101
    Open to non-members for a nominal fee, its superior collection includes extensive printed works on state and family history, and manuscripts.

List of Maine Periodicals

List of Maine PeriodicalsGenealogical publications offer you quite a few sources of information, they can be dismissed by family history and genealogy researchers and genealogist in seeking for family history. Many regional and county genealogical and/or historical societies issue periodicals that contain records pertaining to the region or locality they serve. Normally these publications offer articles with regards to records that are not offered someplace else. Several periodical resources from the 1800s for Maine have been published.

List of Maine Historical & Genealogical Societies

List of Maine Historical & Genealogical SocietiesFor pretty much virtually every Maine there exists a Maine genealogical society, a Maine genealogical council, or both. As well as their own work, Maine-level groups many times help manage the efforts of area societies around the Maine. Their publications, newsletters and quarterlies, supplement those produced through the area societies.

Regional and State

  • Maine Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 221, Farmington, ME 04938
    Local chapters in the state and state-wide meetings as well as bi-monthly publication Maine Seine. Maine Families in 1790 is published and sold by the society, along with vital records of Mount Desert and the records of Rev. Edward Carter. The organization’s library is presently at Cutler Memorial Library in Farmington.
  • Maine Historical Society, 485 Congress Street, Portland 04101
  • The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine

County, Township and City

Religious and Ethnic

List of Maine Newspapers & Publications

List of Maine NewspapersMaine Genealogical publications (magazines, newsletters, periodicals, books, etc.) include all types of beneficial information related to specific ancestors, whole lineages and families, places in time, and regarding all sorts of genealogical records and repositories. They enable you to discover a wealth of information about your ancestors from many historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These different types of resources can often bolster public records and supply facts that is not recorded anywhere else. Here, you can study a lot more about your ancestor’s possible every day activities by placing them in the framework of their time.

The Maine State Library, Maine Historical Society, and other libraries and historical societies across the state have vital statistics from newspaper publications on file. The University of Maine’s Folger Library at Orono has the biggest microfilm newspaper collection in the state. Their holdings can be scanned in the form of a computer-printed list. They also have a typescript “Maine Newspapers in the Smaller Maine Public Libraries” on file. Members of the NEHGS can also read an article detailing Maine newspapers written by Russell Farnham, CG online.


Newspapers – Maine newspapers can offer all sorts of hints about historical events, local history, court and legal notices, obituaries, and a lot more.

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