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State Cemetery Records

You may already realize that birth records, marriage records or divorce records can help with genealogy, but did you know Ohio cemetery records can help too? Ohio cemetery records can offer a real wealth of data when it comes to completing your records. Consider that from Ohio cemetery records you can often find:

  • full legal and maiden name
  • when and where a person was born
  • any affiliations including military
  • names of other family members

Of course, some of this depends on whether or not you go to the cemetery in person or not. Ohio cemetery records can help a great deal, of course surveying the area for other possible family members can lead to even greater information. It may not be possible, however, for you to do this so getting records or tombstone transcriptions is the next best thing. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Getting a Hold of Records

There may be numerous ways to obtain Ohio cemetery records. If you want to go the easiest route possible, you can simply hire someone or a service to try to track records down for you. Other than that, you can try to find Ohio cemetery records through:

  • church records if you know what faith the person may have been
  • county records if you know what county the person lived in
  • military related records if the person was enlisted or retired
  • newspapers and microfilm that could help you with the area where the person lived

Remember if the person was born in another state, he or she may have been returned to the hometown for burial. Of course, you could also use newspapers and microfilm for the place where a person was born to find out if their death announcement mentions where they may be buried.

To have success with your Ohio cemetery records search, you should try to track down which county you think you should be looking in. This is one of the most important pieces of information to have so you can find good results. Even without it, you may find the Ohio cemetery records you want; it just may take more time.

Research In Ohio Cemetery Records

Most Ohio counties have published their cemetery records, but not in a uniform way. The Ohio Genealogical Society suggests that researchers contact major genealogical libraries or local historical societies for information on Ohio cemetery records.

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