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Details about Death Records and Death Certificates

Just like marriage certificates, death certificates can assist with both the primary as well as secondary information and facts, which includes names of fathers and mothers along with husbands and wives.

Given that private information can without doubt not be given personally from the departed, pay special attention to the name and address of the person that completed the actual documents.

Early Death Records

Early death records in america provide you with little more than the name of the deceased, the death date, and also the location of death. Obituaries and cemetery, court, along with other records frequently supply additional information concerning the dead person compared to many official death records written prior to the last quarter of the 19th century.

By 1900 death records provided more information. They frequently contain the identity of the deceased; date, place, as well as cause of death; age at the time of death; place of birth; mothers and fathers names; profession; name of husband or wife; name of the individual providing the details; the informant’s relationship to the deceased; the name and address of the funeral director; and the location of burial.

Ethnic background shows up in some documents, as well as modern day death certificates usually will include a Social Security number.


A few valuable resources for locating burial site information and facts tend to be wills, obituaries, church records, death certificates, and family interviews. For locating specific tombstones, examine every attainable cemetery records, prayer cards or mass, family Bibles, as well as written and published cemetery surveys.

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