Online Sources, Courthouse Documents, State / Local Library, Vital Records
Marathon County
I am willing to do lookups for your ancestors who at one point resided in Marathon County, Wisconsin. I will research via Ancestry, the courthouse records, the public library, and perhaps the Historical Society depending on some factors. I also require names AND dates so as not to be running blind.

I am willing to research anything and all places, however the ancestors MUST have lived in Marathon County, Wisconsin at least one time or another in their life. I do not drive, so I am unable to help if you are looking for records outside Marathon County. I am a full-time college student, however I do take time out of my week to go to the courthouse and search for people. As for charging, I will never charge anyone a dime, because I am doing out of the kindness of my heart. Please know that as I am a full time college student, I may not always have time to make a stop there, so please be patient.

-United States


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