Stone Cook, Professional Genealogist

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Stone Cook, Professional Genealogist
State / Local Archive
Chatham County and surrounding areas
Chatham County Georgia records: Local: Societies, Libraries, Courthouse Documents, Vital Records of county and Tombstone Registry. May consider adjoining counties also.

Professional Genealogist / researcher with over 30 years experience willing to donate my experience, education and expertise to assist those who can not commute to this area.


Appreciate how quickly this volunteer responded to my initial query and to my request for a deed from Chatham county. Can't stop doing a happy dance because it's exactly what I hoped it would be, a deed gift that names the children.
Donna Newman | March 15, 2018
I have used this site for years and I must say that this volunteer was the most knowledgeable and helpful I have ever encountered. The information she provided opened a whole new world of exploration for me. I will never be able to thank her enough for all the time and energy she provided in my family research. I would highly recommend this researcher to anyone looking to explore their history.
Jeff | September 6, 2017
Very helpful, good communication, and went above & beyond to find the info.
Jon Dembling | July 20, 2017
I just want to say thank you for assisting me. Unfortunately, I have a family that somehow is very hard to locate but you assisted me in locating a lot more information that I had. Stone is very knowledgeable and takes her work very seriously and has a great demeanor when corresponding to you and your questions.
EClarida | May 6, 2017
The work done for me was amazing! I was shocked all the detail that was found. Im only giving three stars because I feel when things couldnt be found right away she often left unanswered questions that could be answered if I paid for it and I felt at least twice she was so blunt it was almost rude. I understand there is a limit to what can be done for free and not doing someones whole tree for them but to set a limit of three look ups and saying stuff like " I have completed all the research that I can do gratis" sounds like and is send me money and I will do more. Volunteer and seeking money just doesnt mix Pointing out and counting off each question asked again sounds like a money grab. That all being said if you have the money I would pay her to help you because she finds little DOCUMENTED gems that will blow you away!
Misty | November 12, 2016
Thanks for your time and efforts. Certainly went beyond what I expected from a volunteer.
Lew Herring | September 8, 2016
I had an answer to my question within two days!
Lori | August 27, 2016

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Stone Cook, Professional Genealogist

One Comment

  1. Stone Cook April 22, 2017 at 4:03 pm

    I truly am sorry that the individual felt I was wanting fees for my 28 hours of volunteer research (not look ups) and that my annotation of request followed by results were considered a ‘tally’ rather than a consideration for them (some people forget what they have requested and are most appreciative of the way I document the request with findings or no findings – this is good documentation practices. Also, it is sad that the individual did not appreciate my due diligence to their requests despite my having been out of state on client’s work. The fact that I neither referenced nor requested reimbursement of the $75.50 I paid for travel, parking, documents and copies proving lineage (they had incorrect), I feel is noteworthy of my dedication to the cause and purpose of my volunteering. Upon advise from another volunteer, I did mention that I had completed all their requests and ‘reminded’ them (as recommended to me that I do) that volunteers are to do look ups and not actual research and that the RAOGK has guidelines as to the number of requests asked of a single volunteer. This was performed on behalf of the advise given me. My volunteer services (and there are many beyond this), are never conducted with the idea of personal gain! It is an insult for one to assume such and even more so to articulate same in a random note of condemnation for a job that, by their own admission, was well done. To those who know me, rude is an adjective that is certainly not me. Articulated, professional, and profoundly giving of myself, my time, expertise, education and experience.

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