Ron Miller

Ron Miller
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Ron Miller
Online Sources, Courthouse Documents, Cemetery Photos, State / Local Archive, Vital Records
Chicago (Cook County)
Chicago genealogy

Will visit genealogy related archives and cemeteries located in downtown Chicago and in Cook County. Costs will be for document fees, gas and parking, or bus fare, if any are involved. Caveat: I travel often for extended periods. If I cannot complete the requested search within two weeks I will advise when my schedule permits.


Response Time = 10 Helpfulness = 10 Results + 10Take it from a former RAOGK volunteer, Ron will assist you in your quest.
Paul Turner | August 23, 2018
Having been a RAOGK I appreciated the quick response and helpfulness of Ron
Paul Turner | July 22, 2018
Having been a RAOGK I appreciated the quick response and helpfulness of Ron
Paul Turner | July 22, 2018
He was SO wonderful! I would highly recommend him. I really appreciate the valuable information he was able to provide for me.
Kintdes | October 30, 2016
Very helpful. He spent a lot time and effort in finding out information for me. Thanks Ron!
pazbhan | October 15, 2016
I'd like to leave 10 gold stars as well! WONDERFUL person and WONDERFUL volunteer — fast, prompt and very thorough!!! We are indeed fortunate to have him volunteer his time and talents! Thank you so much Ron!!!
czaplewska | September 16, 2016
Would give 10 stars if possible. Prompt response and provided source information I would have never been able to find. Can not sing his praises loud enough!
Patrice Scott | July 13, 2016
Very thorough and thoughtful volunteer. Had some great advice on how I can pursue other leads on my Hepp line. Thank you!
Inga | June 10, 2016
Super job! Speedy response, and he uncovered some family history details I had been unaware of.
John Fortelka | June 4, 2016
Wonderful response time. And went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you, Ron!!
kcastle129 | May 17, 2016

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Ron Miller


  1. Sandy October 21, 2016 at 10:29 am

    Ron, thanks so very much for your speedy response and your very informative email. You gave me so many wonderful leads that I’ll be busy for a while. Anyway, I genuinely appreciate your support and guidance.

  2. Rochelle Browne May 2, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Ron, Thank you so much for helping me with the documents I needed to research and for your prompt response. You were very thorough and very knowledgeable. Thank you for your help

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