Online Sources, Cemetery Photos, Owned Books, State / Local Library, State / Local Archive
Rookwood Cemetery. State Library of New South Wales. State Records NSW. Lookups in personal collection. Online lookups.

Photograph grave locations/headstones in Rookwood Cemetery.
Lookups in (British) Army Lists associated with the British India era.
Lookups in the Northamptonshire Militia List 1777 (excluding the Soke of Peterborough).
Provide hints/tips/pointers for British family history research
Attend the State Library of New South Wales (Sydney) or State Records NSW (Kingswood), however both of these locations could attract parking fees, road tolls and copying charges.



Neil looked up and photographed a grave in the Rookwood Cemetery. He ensured the grave and surrounding area was clearly visible which was much appreciated. Well done!

Marion Sim | May 10, 2017

Neil provided leads to solve my genealogical conundrum in a timely manner. Very satisfied.

StuartMcDonald | March 12, 2017
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One Comment

  1. Marion Sim June 18, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    I had several questions regarding my research and Neil provided excellent suggestions of avenues to follow. He also provided websites which have proven invaluable. Many thanks!.

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