Karen McPherson

Karen McPherson

Cemetery Photos
Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown Virginia
I will go to local libraries (public, Colonial Willliamsburg library, and College of William and Mary Library. I will go to local government offices. I will also go to local cemeteries.

I’ll find books and documents in the library archives, scan when feasible (I have a mobile wand scanner), take photographs of headstones or historic sites (we have a lot of them around here!), and also try to help with requests directed to local government offices. I’ll charge only for fees that I have to pay, postage, photocopying, and other direct expenses. If any site requires an entrance fee to access your request, I’ll let you know before I pay that fee, which I would then expect to be reimbursed for. I won’t charge for my time or gasoline

-United States


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