Courthouse Documents, Cemetery Photos, State / Local Library, State / Local Archive, Vital Records
Butler County
Butler County Archives in Hamilton; cemeteries, churches, and libraries in Butler County.

When visiting cemeteries, I will take pictures of tombstones if they exist. If available, I will also try to obtain copies of cemetery burial records. The county archives keep birth and death records through 1907, though anything occurring before the mid-1870s may not be recorded. The county also keeps marriage records from the 1850s through the early 1980s. If a church is known, I will contact that church regarding the availability of records such as christenings, deaths, and marriages and try to obtain copies of applicable documents. If given a specific date or reasonable time frame (such as a month and year), I will look for newspaper articles for people and events occurring in Butler County. I will also do searches for individuals in books on local history.
-United States


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