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Boyd Robinson
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Specialize in hard to locate ancestors in the 1700 to current time period in the United States

If you have hit “the wall” on a specific ancestor in the 1700 to current time period, then give me a shot at ferreting out information about that ancestor. I don’t travel so there are no expenses. I have access to a wide variety of online resources. You will need to initially provide basic information about the ancestor in question. Later, I will ask for detailed information including descendants and family lore. Mysteries and enigmas are my specialty.
-United States


I just recently stumbled across RAGK. What a great concept! Boyd was the first volunteer that I contacted. What a good choice! He responded promptly and got right to work on my question. He even had the courtesy to let me know when he had an unexpected trip out of town, so that I wouldn’t think he had forgotten me.
Boyd searched for the information I asked him to look for, and also passed on some German newspaper articles about my ancestor that I didn’t know existed. I appreciate his efforts on my behalf and will definitely take advantage of the wonderful volunteer services of RAGK in the future.

Joanne | September 12, 2017

7 stars

Amna Baloosh | July 3, 2016

Boyd has a tenacity that is nothing short of amazing. He has shed light on an entire branch of our tree for which very little was known, specifically ancestors that lived in Alaska during the Gold Rush, a challenging area of research due to the huge, transient population of this time/place. Boyd has located a wide array of documentation that traces our family’s movements including (but not limited to) census reports, boat passage records, and obscure newspaper pieces. He has been able to “bring family to life” with these very specific findings.

Boyd was also able to locate a second, more recent branch of our tree, the details of which were virtually completely unknown to us. Starting with family rumor and a name, he quickly identified and expanded my husband’s paternal line.

Boyd has been an absolutely invaluable resource in our family tree project.

KTeske | June 16, 2016

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Boyd Robinson


  1. Connie March 28, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Tried using this email address for Boyd Robinson. Comes back as “address not known”.

  2. Boyd May 12, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Apologies to those who may have tried to contact me at my old email address. I Failed to update it when I changed it. Please contact me at my new email address [email protected]

    Thanks, Boyd

  3. Joanne October 25, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    In August, Boyd kindly agreed to take on a challenge I had been grappling with for quite a while. I was trying to figure out which of two dates, 1852 or 1864, was correct concerning my great great grandfather immigration to Baltimore. In spite of a sincere effort, he was unable to find any direct evidence for either date.

    He did, however, find several articles in German newspapers from Baltimore that mentioned my ancestor’s name. Neither he nor I could read the articles in Fraktur German. It took quite a while to find someone who could translate them for me. I just got the results back, and guess what! The obituary Boyd found for me said that my ancestor had immigrated 28 years before his death, so that told me that the 1864 date was correct. As you can imagine, I was very excited with this breakthrough after years of trying to solve the puzzle.

    The articles also gave me a new and unexpected glimpse into another aspect of my ancestor’s life. I had no idea that my great great grandfather was politically active, but he was very much so being the president of the German American Democrats in Baltimore for years.

    Boyd’s work was very valuable in helping me solve a problem and in adding new information.

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