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Family History – Is it the Same as Genealogy?

You may well have asked yourself that question more than once as you have researched your family. Starting with a definition: Genealogy - a study of family ancestors with pertinent data such as birth, marriage and death dates, usually using vital records as a source. Family History - an in-depth study of a family lineage

Great Starting Point – Family History Centers

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), along with the Genealogical Society of Utah, for many decades gathered, collected and preserved vital records, family histories, documents, pedigrees, lineage charts and any other sources to build a complete picture of a family’s ancestors.  The work has covered every area in the United States and

Got a Baffling Ancestor?

Working a month or years on your family history and you have had at least one or more ancestors for which little information is gathered on to date. You might not even have a name yet, only that it is a grandfather or grandmother on your mother's side.  This known as 'hitting a brick wall'.

FHL is looking for Volunteers

FamilySearch is looking for volunteers to go into record repositories all over the United States.  We would like these volunteers to do an inventory or listing of these record repositories.  Some of the record repositories may include courthouses, churches, and historical societies, both big and small. FamilySearch will provide web-training and support.  The web-training takes

What is an Enumeration District?

To enumerate means to mention items by naming them one by one, just like you would do when you count out loud.  However, enumeration has to do with more than just coming up with a total count.  It means that you identify each item by naming it specifically, as in a list. It is this

Introduction to Genealogical Record Keeping

Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to locate significant amounts of genealogical data online. What would have taken our grandparents months of writing letters and searching library indexes can now be found with just a few key strokes. The availability of incredibly beneficial software programs and web applications like Family Tree Maker and