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I have will books for the following counties in PA: Northumberland, York, Allegheny, Greene, Fayette, Washington, Indiana, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Jefferson and Cambria Counties. I will do look ups in these counties only.

Free. I have will books for the following counties in PA: Northumberland Co,York Co, Allegheny Co, Greene Co, Fayette Co, Washington Co, Indiana Co, Westmoreland Co, Armstrong Co, Jefferson Co, & Cambria Co. and I will do look these counties only.


Thanks Marilyn for some good recommendations on locating my ancestor's will. I was able to get a copy from the Westmoreland County Court since they handled the probate even though the will was originally in Washington County. They even emailed it to me the same day with a payment over the phone. Thank you again for good advice. It is hard to obtain these items from the East Coast! Doreen.
Doreen | January 16, 2018

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