Native American Genealogy Through DNA

Native American Genealogy Through DNA2018-11-02T01:07:18+00:00

Do you have reason to believe there is Native American blood in your ancestry?

Are you trying to confirm Native American roots that you have uncovered in your traditional genealogy research?

Many people are researching their Native American genealogy through DNA testing.


A DNA test can help you with your genealogy research into a possible Native American bloodline.

However, it is important to understand the limits of DNA testing in this area. While it can confirm that an ancestor was a Native from before European settlement, it is rare to find confirmation specific enough to place your heritage in a certain tribe.

It is possible; but it is more likely to get broader information.


The best reason to do a DNA test for Native American Ancestry to aid your traditional genealogy research and to learn more about your family and background.

While some hope to find grants or other federal benefits that they qualify for, the availability of such funds is well below what most people assume or estimate. The requirements to join a federally recognized tribe are usually high, and the likelihood that a DNA test can confirm a specific sub-group are low.

However, the information that can be confirmed or uncovered about your family’s story can be a great reason to research your Native American descent.

What Kind of DNA Test Do You Need?

Autosomal DNA – You can test both lines, or you can research broadly with an Autosomal DNA test. TIf you suspect Native American descent, but do not have a specific relative pinpointed, the Autosomal DNA test is your best choice. This will look broad into your family to find if you have a Native American relative somewhere in your family’s general past.

Y-DNA – If there is a male ancestor that you believe was Native American, you can have a current male family member in his direct paternal line tested with a Y-DNA test. This could confirm that he was not a Native American, could show that he is “highly likely” to be Native American, or in some cases, confirm ancestry as part of a specific sub-group.

mtDNA – Use a mtDNA test if it is a female ancestor that you believe was Native American, you will need to test a current relative in her direct maternal line. This would be a child, child or her daughter, child of her daughter’s daughter, etc. This type of test can only point to general Native American ancestry; it cannot confirm that she was part of a specific sub-group.

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