Wyoming Counties and Historical Facts

//Wyoming Counties and Historical Facts
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Wyoming Counties records differ vastly from county to county in either quality not to mention quantity. Some are already carefully preserved while some have been substantially abused and neglected. Many Wyoming records have merely disappeared. For genealogists carrying out research in Wyoming there is no effective replace to have an on-site search of county court house records. For Definitions of all court terms see the Genealogy Encyclopedia.

Wyoming Counties – There are 23 counties that exist in Wyomin. Each one holds records that may include: Land, Estates, Taxes, Vital Records, Divorces, Naturalizations, Voter Registration, Court Records. Other records may also be included. However, other resources do need to be consulted.

There were originally five counties in the Wyoming Territory: Laramie and Carter, established in 1867; Carbon and Albany established in 1868; and Uinta, an annexed portion of Utah and Idaho, extending from Montana (including Yellowstone Park) to the Wyoming-Utah boundary. On July 10, 1890, Wyoming was admitted to the Union with thirteen counties.

Today’s Wyoming counties did not always exist in the present form. They went through many different changes in the space of a few short years. In the beginning Wyoming Territory had 5 counties. They were Carbon, Carter, Laramie and Albany, which were originally part of Dakota Territory, and Green County, which was originally part of Utah.

On May 19, 1869, the newly-organized territory added Uinita County from portions of Idaho and Utah that were previously unorganized. At that same time, Carter County became Sweetwater County. Wyoming now has 23 counties, which were all in existence by 1923.

The Wyoming State Archives holds several homestead land records and territorial records for the state of Wyoming. However, county clerk offices also hold several important records, especially land records beginning at the date that the county was formed. Probate and court records, meanwhile, can be found in the offices of the district court clerks. Although, many are also on file with the Wyoming State Archives. Although many counties have early marriage records on file, there are no death or birth records available at the county level. Some marriage records even exist from the time before Wyoming was incorporated. It’s always best to consult the Wyoming State Archives first. They can provide information on which records they hold and which records must be researched in specific county offices. See also a list of links to county and county seat government run websites.

List of Wyoming Extinct Counties

Map of Wyoming Counties

Map of Wyoming Counties

Wyoming contains counties that no longer exist. They were recognized by the state, provincial, or territorial governing administration. Many of these counties were created and disbanded during the 19th century; county borders have changed little since Nineteen hundred in the great number of states. These counties should be investigated when performing ancestry and genealogy research. Pay close attention where the courthouse records went to if the county was eliminated or combined with some other county.

  • Carter County, Wyoming was created 27 December 1867 and renamed to Sweetwater 13 Dec 1869.
  • Hanover County existed for seven days in 1911 before it was renamed Washakie County
  • Pease County, Wyoming was created December 8, 1875 from the Wyoming Territory. Renamed Johnson County 1879.

List of Wyoming Counties with Burned Courthouses

Wyoming burned county courthouseThe damage to Wyoming courthouses tremendously has a affect on genealogists in almost every way. Not only are most of these historic structures torn from all of our lifetimes, so are the documents they kept: marriage, wills, probate, land records, as well as others. Once destroyed they are gone forever. Even though they have already been put on mircofilm, computers and film burn too. The most sad aspect of this is the reason that virtually all of our courthouses are destroyed at the hands of arsonist. Though, not all records were destroyed. A number of Wyoming counties have dealt with a loss of records due to courthouse fires, floods, and theft.

  • None

List of Wyoming Counties

List of Wyoming Counties

CountyDate FormedParent CountyCounty Seat
Albany1868One of the original five countiesLaramie
Big Horn1890Sheridan County, Johnson County, and Fremont CountyBasin
Campbell1911Weston County and Crook CountyGillette
Carbon1868One of the original five counties.Rawlins
Converse1888Albany County and Laramie CountyDouglas
Crook1875Laramie County and Albany CountySundance
Fremont1884Sweetwater CountyLander
Goshen1911Laramie CountyTorrington
Hot Springs1911Fremont County, Big Horn County, and Park CountyThermopolis
Johnson1875Carbon County and Sweetwater CountyBuffalo
Laramie1867One of the original five countiesCheyenne
Lincoln1911Uinta CountyKemmerer
Natrona1888Carbon CountyCasper
Niobrara1911Converse CountyLusk
Park1909Big Horn CountyCody
Platte1911Laramie CountyWheatland
Sheridan1888Johnson CountySheridan
Sublette1921Fremont County and Lincoln CountyPinedale
Sweetwater1867One of the original five countiesGreen River
Teton1921Lincoln CountyJackson
Uinta1869One of the original five countiesEvanston
Washakie1911Big Horn CountyWorland
Weston1890Crook CountyNewcastle

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